mardi 1 mars 2016

0 (for radio) #86 by _Stéphane Garin _Catherine Luro

_jack and his master_brian harnetty  
_everything that was ever something (extract)_joshua bonnetta a.
_splash_miles davis 
_everything means nothing to me, elliott smith 
_ka ra mo_hitoshi kojo 
_walkman antiquarian_yarn-wire, thomas meadowcroft 
_peter and sylvie (me and you and everyone we know)_michael andrews 
_les bruits de couloir (extract)_kristof guez, marc pichelin 
_w/lid over boiling water_julian sartorius / _divers_joanna newsom 
 _then they came for me_the drones 
_without your love_billie holiday, lester young


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