mardi 5 janvier 2016

0 (for radio) #83 _mAtter for 0 Mix

_OCKEGHEM_Missa Prolationum: Kyrie eleison II (Hillaed Ensemble) 
 _Braid 2_Meredith Monk  
_Untitled 1_Stijn Hüwels (will be release from mAtter ) 
 _#2_Yukitomo Hamasaki ( d+p*) / _Forest Of Memories_Dumb Type 
_Leaf 03_Ákos Garai ( Three Shaded Leaves (for Bernhard Günter) *) 
 _That Is Really The End_Pleq ( Absorbed By Resonance *) 
_Untitled 2_Yukitomo Hamasaki ( the GARDEN*) 
_Untitled 6_Yukitomo Hamasaki ( the GARDEN*)

Yukitomo Hamasaki
The founder of Tokyo based sound/art publishing organization "mAtter".
He started his music career at the age of 18 taking his cues from DJ
and is interested in light,  clouds, complex patterns and the
collision happened by micro spaces. Besides composing, he works on
installations, sound works and graphic designs. 
He has started independent art curator since 2012. 

about mAtter 
mAtter is an independent label and artistic organization based in Tokyo, 
founded in 2008 by the Japanese artist Yukitomo Hamasaki. 
mAtter objective is to create engaging outputs which evolve around the intercorrelations 
between sound and other aesthetic fields such as visual, design and architecture. 
The members of this emerging expressive body are mainly musicians, architects, video artist, 
photographers and writers as focus on to ART.

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