mardi 1 septembre 2015

0 (for radio) #80 _Cut the summer cruise (Jean-Philippe Gross)

_Blackie_Stay up / 
_Fujako_Warrior Drum / 
_Noxagt_Someone calls you every night but says nothing / 
_Earl Sweatshirt_Earl / 
_Joe Colley_Waste of songs / 
_Plapla Pinky_Camelove / 
_eRikm/Jérôme Noetinger (featuring Tina Arena)_What a wonderful world / 
_Tyler the Creator_Deathcamp / 
_Clipping_Midcity intro /
 _Action Bronson_The Madness / 
_Techno Animal_Glass Prism Enclosed / 
_Alvin Lucier_Bird and person dyning / 
_Alain Bashung_La nuit je mens

Jean-Philippe Gross has played in the field of electronic music since 2000.

He plays with a serge modular system, he composes music for  dance, theater and small ensemble. 

Lives in Lorraine, France.

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