mardi 4 août 2015

0 (for radio) #78 _Road Ode (Stephan Mathieu)

1979 _Timing, “Blue” Gene Tyranny plays Phil Harmonic 
1971 _Mu Na H-Uile Ni A Shaoilea, Anthony Moore 
1996 _You have cum in your hair and your dick is hanging out, Palace
1982 _Water Copy, Hiroshi Yoshimura 
1977 _Rrose Sélavy (Solo), Juan Hidalgo 
1975 _G-Song, Terry Riley 
1976 _Moonship Journey, Sun Ra 
1973 _Road Ode, Carpenters

For my friends who are traveling 
July 20, 2015

Stephan Mathieu is a German musician and sound artist whose work is 
based on digital and analog processing techniques. He currently lives 
and works in Bonn, Germany.

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