lundi 4 mai 2015

0 (for radio) #71 Playlist from the green mountain by Felicia Atkinson

_Edgar Wappenhalter_South Someday 
_Jason Lescalleet_Dwayne and and the bluebird prophecy  
_Lewis_Like to see you again  
_Jefre Cantu-Ledesma_Disappear  
_Far East Family Band_Timeless Phase  
_Charalambides_Automn Leaves 
_Alice Coltrane_Prandhana  
_Grouper_Water People  
_Neil young_Time for you to leave, William Blake  
_Ilyas Ahmed_Shums Un  
_Willie Lane_Moon Tide 
_Simon Scott_Ashma / _Yellow Swans_Sovereign  
_Simon And Garfunkel_Scarborough Fair-Canticle

Playlist made in the Winter of mountains, thinking of a second iife of Sonia Delaunay 
Felicia Atkinson is a visual and sound artist currently living in the North of the Alpes. Her
new album, A Readymade Ceremony, is out now on her own label Shelter Press 

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