dimanche 2 novembre 2014

0 (for radio) # 61 _Mark Lockett, «6's & 7's»

2-11-14 / # 61 _Mark Lockett, «6's & 7's»

With his playful soundscape, composer Mark Lockett guides us into a dreamy travel between South East Asia and Catalogne, where instruments and field recordings gently converse. sylvain chauveau

_6s&7s 1 : cerbère in the winter, the wind rattling windows and doors, the singing railings, the slow goods trains, an old derelict piano
_6s&7s 2 : the lake district national park uk, early morning climb, helvelyn, 3118 feet, the heartbeat, water, encounters on the descent, overheard sunday mass in chapel
_6s&7s 3 : cerbère in high summer, crickets, chickens, the hum of heat, the ever-present slow trains, a borrowed hpschd
_6s&7s 4 : between circuits of carnaval, revelry, dancing on tables, et glou et glou et glou
_6s&7s 5 : long, hot afternoon in the ecole de musique d'espéraza
_6s&7s 6 : midnight in a tiny village church with harmonium, the following day on the paris metro

_6s&7s 7, life is so wonderful, i think you'd love it : mother in wheelchair at nursing home, crows, alzheimers, venetian canals and the mersey ferry

Mark Lockett is a composer-performer, artist and educator concerned with the evolution of 

languages for improvisation, cross-cultural collaborations especially in gamelan and Indian 

music, sound installation and mixed media performance art.


_pour écouter (et télécharger l'émission), allez sur : https://0sound.bandcamp.com/track/0-for-radio-61-6s-7s-mark-lockett
_pour les archives et informations, allez sur : http://oforradio.blogspot.fr/

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