dimanche 9 mars 2014

0 (for radio) #51 _Black power (session #1)

_Batman and Robin (ft. Lady of Rage RBX)_Snoop Dogg 

_Bite the thong_JJ Doom 
_Don't let this rap shit fool you_Blahzay Blahzay  
_Bright eyes_Big Bill Broonzy  
_Rehabilitation_Don Ellis  
_Basement_ Tumi And The Volume
_Sunday (ft. Frank Ocean)_Doris 
_Everything must change_Nina Simone 
_ The Fool On The Hill (This Girl's In Love With You Outtake), Aretha Franklin
_Yegelle Tezeta_Mulatu Astatke 
_Abatatchen Hoy (Pater Noster)_Alemu Aga

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