lundi 2 septembre 2013

0 (for radio) #44_Mattic (Outside Cloverfield Mansion Act 1_The Morning)

_inspired by a dear friend
_i just pieced together a bunch of warm up tracks I did over Dilla....if you're going to practice......practice over what u feel is the best....have profit...practice and fun.
_audio samples and vocal pattern layering by Mattic over J Dilla demo beats
_the 1st of a 3 segment audio stories followed by Spontaneous Mu-sick, sounds, echos, and audio. Raw mix
1) Morning Echoes (Homage)
2) Mental Stretches (He Warms Up)
3) Trapped Inside The Rabbit Hole
4) Cloverfield (My Casterly Rock)
5) Vertigo Chase (Run U)
6) I Cum In Peace (Booty Beautiful)
7) Tomorrow Iz 4 Ever Pt II
8) Candlelight By Spaceships
9) Ezekiel's Pull Of The Mothership
10) Jack & Mr Grady (Beast)
11) %@#£ (I Wasn't Fluid)

 _rest in peace Dilla

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